Come to the place where two edges meet

The Earth and The Ocean;

to create, play & transform

into Who You will become

You know it is time for you to change and you have not been able to do this alone, by yourself.

You know the change needs to be deep, different and forever.

You cannot go back to your old behaviors and do not know how to move forward.

Your future depends on changing NOW.

Come stand At The Edge, with like minded women, to create a container of love to heal and let go of what is no longer serving your highest good, so you may embrace your future and create a plan for completion of your heart’s desires.

At The Edge, we will create magic, using the power of the Earth and Ocean, to move out of the Every Day, into Sacred Space and dive deep into the realm of your psyche, creating a deep transformation of your soul.

This Reiki adventure takes place on the Spring Equinox with a Full Moon in Libra (the full sap moon)

March 19, 20, 21 /2019

…Tuesday 12p, Wednesday, Thursday 12p…

Manzanita, Oregon & the Pacific Ocean


The Adventure Begins with

looking at your astrological birth chart, to see where you have been and what transformation you need know to create your best possible future.


After our Tuesday dinner, we begin our adventure with the Earth and the Ocean.

Sacred space is created and as a beautiful group of women we embark on the next two days of witnessing, revealing and opening ourselves up to our greatest potentials and create a plan for our new life.

The Reiki energy of Divine Love, will be present the entire adventure.

We will experience several group meditation processes, all which are designed to heal, hold and create your highest good according to Grace.

Most of our “work” will be experience within the realm of Nature, no matter what the weather is at the time.

We will remain on this site the entire adventure


 What is Reiki energy? 

(Ok, be ready for a short woo answer.)

Reiki energy is the power of the mystery in Divine Love. Ancient in it's origins, Reiki goes to the cause of any dis~ease and moves through our bodies systems; to produce a healing force for any issue a person wants to change.


I, Shauna Angel Blue, channel a Transformational Reiki energy, mix it with intention(prayer), astrological influences and guided meditations; and cues from the person/s on what is the best solutions to create the change that is desired. This Transformational Reiki energy will be running through the entire adventure.

From the moment you sign up, your energy will begin to align itself with this coming event and you will begin to receive the benefits of allowing yourself to be in magic making with me. My energy is 5x a normal persons’ and this Reiki Divine Love energy is bigger than all of us.

Our Home

6 bedrooms, 13 beds, 5.5 baths, Kitchen, Wifi, 7 person Hot tub, indoor fireplace, direct access to the beach, fire pit, secluded area of Manzanita Beach and lots more.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.17.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.17.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.17.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.18.55 PM.png

This is where we will live for the entire adventure.

All of us together, under one roof, making magic.

We will be able to easily move indoors and out of doors to be connected in the mystery of each event.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.11.19 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.11.11 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.11.47 AM.png
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Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.12.42 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.13.38 AM.png

What is the Investment for this Reiki Adventure?

Price includes:

  • The 3-day Transformational Reiki Adventure, luxury accommodations, 2 Breakfast (Wed/Thu), 2 Dinners(Tue/Wed) and Snacks

  • Astrological Birth Chart and comprehensive reading by Vanessa Couto to receive the best support for you, “At the Edge”, and jumping over/into your next place on your path

  • 7 Guided Meditations, created throughout adventure

  • Kundalini Yoga/ Led by Kristine, 2 sessions

  • Ocean Edge Ritual

  • Conversations around fire pit/ fireplace

  • Daytime, Sunset, Moonlight walks (yes, there will be a full moon)

  • Personal Transformational Reiki moments with Shauna

  • Sister Circles, with Noble Silence and Profound Listening to each other

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.12.42 AM.png

1 Person, King Size Bed, with Ocean View

2 Rooms Available

Astrological chart included



Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.13.05 AM.png

1 Person, King Size Bed,


Astrological chart included

Originally $1250. NOW $950.


Not included:

  • Travel Expenses to Event

  • Insurance. You are responsible for your own insurances

Adventure is limited to 7 women.

2 spaces available.

Payment plans are available. Deposits are required to hold your room.

No refunds, however, your space can be given to another person, who can they pay you. (or not)

100% commitment is required for the best adventure possible.

Credit Cards accepted. Checks are welcomed.

Contact me: Shauna Angel Blue

Want to talk to me? 312-593-8887

This adventure was what I needed to step into my power and rise higher. 

I already knew about the seemingly mysterious healing power of Reiki and I had no way of anticipating how this adventure would change me. Instead of a dramatic lightening bolt moment, I received more of a slow burn, a deep sustainable healing.

For me, it was an intense moment of clarity along with a detangling of my soul. This adventure didn’t give me answers. It gave me a way to find answers on my own. The adventure gave me a love for myself as I am, that I wanted so badly and could never quite seem to grasp onto. 

~Kristen Brennan, Spring 2019

Taking the time to slow down and spend time intentionally, with myself and others in the adventure, I came away with a sense of calm that I want to carry with me, especially during times of doubt. 

The highlight of the experience for me was experiencing the beauty of the coast with a new group of people.  I really had no idea what to expect from our adventure, and was so happy with how open everyone was. 

I'm so grateful for our time together.

~Zoe Potts, Spring 2019

Attending Shauna's retreat as a guest teacher was a pleasure. I was very impressed with her ability to hold the container, her preparation for each of the participants' healing journey, and the flexibility in dancing with the unexpected.

Shauna's Reiki Adventures bring into the world something so needed, the container for us to be engaged in our healing journey out into the physical world, and accompanied by others also in their journey.

- Vanessa Couto - Archetypal Astrologer & Teacher.

During the reiki experience, I received a lot of healing and inner peace. I never thought in a million years I would find comfort in vulnerability. Yet there I was; feeling my vibration raise as I released my deepest fears to a group of wonderfully supportive women. I appreciate every word of advice and encouragement they provided.

It was beautiful to discover how connected we truly are to nature. Waking up and doing yoga by the ocean was exhilarating. Standing underneath the intensely bright, full moon was both humbling and magical.

Whenever I feel anxious, I will close my eyes and picture the breathtaking sunset that we shared. Thank you Shauna for your guidance and thank you to everyone that was on the adventure. It was an honor meeting and connecting with you all.

-Bianca Chew

Shauna Angel Blue

-Shauna Portrait.jpg

Whatever you want to shift in your life; personally, relationship wise or with the world and your business, Shauna will guide you in the best way possible to experience a complete connection with your future self and your angels, guides and Ascended Masters as you understand them, to experience Divine love and live the dreams of your soul and life's callings.

Shauna's super power is setting up a container for YOU to experience a transformational encounter with the spiritual energies of the Earth. She has been traveling to Oregon for the past 30 years, taking herself on adventures and making Art.

Transformational Reiki is a higher level of Reiki energy. Guided meditations, powerful symbols and clairvoyant readings connecting with you and to you so everything is needed for you to continue on your spiritual growth and path. Shauna is a 5th Level Transformational Reiki Master/Teacher for the past 24 years. 

Vanessa Couto PROFILE PICTURE.jpg

Vanessa Couto / Astrologer

I have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa Couto directly and I have chosen her to be our archetypal astrologer. She is also an artist, teacher, and podcaster, and she will be guiding you through your birth chart.

Vanessa will be presenting your at the beginning of our Adventure. Your information will be a mystery until then, as I want you to be surprised.

Vanessa says, “Liminal spaces fascinate me. So much so that I named my business Liminal Journeys, to be on the edge of a new phase, a new self is to inhabit a liminal landscape. 

It’s a landscape that is rich, and yet it can bring anxieties because it feels lonely at times. That’s why coming together in circles such as this is to see that one is not alone. The container of this circle is your vessel of transformation, especially in the capable and experienced hands of Shauna.

Because the edge is such a multi-layered and vibrant landscape, it’s important to have guidance, a compass - a roadmap. Your birth chart and the planetary archetypes are your cosmic GPS. 

In my work and life, I believe that knowing the landscape of our birth chart enables you to have a closer dialogue with your guiding archetypes. 

My intention in working with you at Shauna’s transformation container weekend is to illuminate for you who are your guides at this threshold. What is their advice to you and what do they need you to do. 

The core belief guiding my work is that we are all midwives for each others’ dreams, and I’m honored to be here for you at the edge.”

There will be a questionnaire for you to fill out upon signing up, to help Vanessa build your chart and guidance for this adventure.


Kristine Burden/ Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Kristine and I met at a women’s summer yoga camp in Rhinebeck NY. We fell in love instantly. She has taken my two online Kundalini Yoga courses and lives in Vancouver B.C. Canada. I am very happy that she is joining us for this adventure. You will love her sweet smile and gentle soul.
Kristine says, “Life is always supporting us, breathing us, telling us. Are you listening? Working through the body, I believe we being to tap into the truth. Breath and movement unfold the body and release the mind’s holds so we can begin to liberate sparks of our inner divine. Yoga is a dance with LIFE. Join Us! 

As a certified yoga teacher and intuitive mind, body sprit coach, I will help you to access your authentic point of power with practical tools. I believe, allowing movement, breath, flow and fun will bring healing to the mind, body and spirit. Within this space, we can all return to our whole selves where our hearts are free to sing happily again. 


Kind words from the England Reiki Adventure September 2017


Going on an adventure with Shauna let me step away from my life for a few days and regain some much needed perspective through exercises and self evaluation/exploration.  I got a boost of Energy and feel I cleansed and let go of some things I was blocked by.  Shauna is a wonderful guide with only the best interests of all as first priority…… AND IT WAS FUN!

~Michelle Hanson


Shauna has the wonderful ability to lead you into an outward/inward adventure with impeccable honesty, care, fun, and joy. The physical places we went to were ancient sacred spaces that allowed us to connect to all parts of our Self, as well as, the Divine nature of all things.  The experiences I had were synchronistic for my own personal development in ways that I was able to see a different perspective about some of my life experiences. Being in the Present Moment with Compassion and Grace, I was able to make peace with those aspects of my beliefs about who I was and Who I AM. This was a profound experience on many levels and has helped me move forward with a better way of meeting and greeting Life. I didn't know anyone before the adventure but made sisterhood connections that can only be made through shared experiences.

~Gabrielle Castrejon

Sedona Adventure February 2018

watch video below


At the Edge

Manzanita Oregon March 19, 20, 21

for the Vernal Equinox, 2019

Transcend into the next accomplishment of your life.