40 day

Subagh Kriya


a unique Kundalini Yoga  experience


for creative, intelligent, spiritually  driven professionals all over the world, who are craving better opportunities to get where they want to be.

Yes, you're already spiritually connected, and you're doing ok when it comes to your finances (even though you're certainly open for more!). Yet, there's still this nagging feeling inside of you that you could do even better, you could do so much more...

Maybe you feel unstructured in your routine, scattered in your thoughts and emotionally exhausted right now because you're uncertain of what the future might hold for you.

And, maybe you feel like walking a slippery slope when it comes to deciding on which direction is the right one for your life. I get it.

But what if there's a simple way how you could get what you want in life through clarity of intention and understanding the steps that go into creating a path to "manifest and live" those intentions?

The truth, there is.

Join me in this daily kundalini yoga practice spread over 40 days and experience structure, ease and results.


My name is Shauna Angel Blue. And just like you, I’m committed to creating my dreams and clearing my path. It can be hard to show up for just one’s self all the time. I’ve been there. What I realized is that fear is the number one cause of people not fulfilling their destiny.

Let’s change this together, over the next 40 days.

Subagh Kriya is something I’m very enthusiastic about. This practice that amazes me everyday. The powerful and strength it gives me, since immersing myself fully in the Subagh Kriya, makes me love my life and myself more than I ever have.

I am happy.

This is what I want for you too.

My approach in teaching different than other teachers because it’s grounded on my unique experience and skillset around channeling. I’m a...

  • Psychic/Medium 30 + yrs

  • 5th level Reiki Master Teacher 25+ yrs

  • Kundalini Yoga Instructor 10+ yrs

  • Artist

If you’re ready to go on this 40-day  journey with you, amazing things will happen in your life. Promise.


For about 20 minutes every day, you will perform a series of 5 movements, 3 minutes each to shift your being into one of prosperity and magnetize the perfect opportunities for your self and your dreams. You will be challenged and cared for in a way that helps one penetrate the stresses of this modern world, so you are vital and vibrant; attracting your highest good.

Yes, this Subagh Kriya is powerful. 


Here are some of the benefits you can experience throughout the 40 days we spend together:

  • You will be drawn to better opportunities to create the life you want
  • You will feel a greater connection and commitment to your soul's purpose
  • You will be guided throughout the day by your  higher level of intuition
  • There is room for imperfection, thanks to supercharged accountability
  • You experience serenity in your everyday as you stress less
  • You’re able to make better choices for yourself so that you feel fully aligned with your values
  • You change behaviors constantly on an unconscious level first, so that the new behaviors will show up in reality for your benefit
  • You undertake new endeavors as you sense a common absence of fear
  • You replace nagging worries or anxiety with calmness so that you can master your day with ease and grace
  • Oh, and did I say... more money will come into your field. The first movement of this kriya is specifically for money
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This 40-day Subagh Kriya course is $197. 

And the sooner you sign up, the sooner your dreams, goals, wishes, desires, intentions will manifest. It is said of this kriya, "that if God Himself has written that you shall live under misfortune, by doing Subagh Kriya, you can turn your misfortune into prosperity, good fortune, and good luck". Yogi Bhajan

You will receive 40 new lessons, every day; of channeled, Reiki infused, instructional videos for the Subagh Kriya.


Upon ordering, you will receive a payment confirmation email and then another email with the secret access link to sign into the platform that houses the course. Once logged in, you will see the 40 day classes, extra help and explanations; with the super easy ways to be kept accountable and begin to plan your 40-day journey. You will have everything to insure your success!

Once enrolled, you’ll have everything you need to succeed at your fingertips

  • Instant access to the reiki-infused 40-day Subagh Kriya experience led by Shauna Angel Blue ensuring that the divine love is always present
  • Unlimited access to Shauna throughout your 40-day Subagh Kriya journey via email and commenting in an exclusive and safe environment where you can share your thoughts and feelings and count the income of riches and miracles.
  • 40 daily, pre-recorded “in the moment” videos so that you can practice whenever and wherever it suits you while at the same time being part of a group of like-minded practitioners around the world.
  • Comprehensive instructions about how to do the kriya so that every move and sound is second nature from the get-go.
  • Accountability to keep you on track.
  • Tips and tricks to get the most out of this experience encompassing what to expect, how to prepare yourself and how to meditate when you just don’t feel like it.
  • Empowering words of wisdom from Shauna throughout your journey via email to maintain momentum.
  • By-invitation-only opportunity to extend your journey beyond 40 days
  • MP3 to practice on your own, or on-the-go. 


How can this Subagh Kriya help me to get what I want in life as I’ve tried a lot of other things before that didn’t work?

The Subagh Kriya course will help where other things may have failed because we're using the science of Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness and the container of this group. Day in, day out, as a virtual class, with intention; we create success to achieve our dreams, goals and intentions. The main ingredient is you and your willingness to show up. Sometimes you can experience results only after you cleared out many things first.

Will you offer this program live in the future?

Creating the course, took a lot of energy and at this time, I'm practicing along with the course and YOU. It's quite wonderfully weird to be having myself as a teacher. so, for now, there is no live course planned. 

 What if I can’t do all 40 days consecutively? Once you sign up, you're in the container for the 40 days, and your energetic field will still benefit, however, if the work is not done consecutively, of course, the benefits diminish, too. The ideal is 40 days consecutively, showing up to the best of your ability. I'll give you some additional tips inside of the course.

What if I don’t feel like meditating sometimes or like quitting the experience all together?

Honestly, I feel like this sometimes too. What I do feel like doing is having a wonderful life that isn't dictated by my own sabotages, like not meditating. Meditation is my medication, and I'm miserable when I don't do this yoga or meditate. It's all about what drives you.

What if I feel that “nothing” happens?

Again, sometimes honestly, I think the same thing. However, the subtle body workings don't have a calendar, as we do. "Things" can be happening and we need to have the patience for events to reveal themselves to us. Which ultimately means... keep showing up for yourself.

Why should I join this Subagh Kriya and not someone else’s?

I'm the only one I know of who has made a 40-day live course, while channeling the Reiki energy into the class. The extra resources available to you, make this course fun, interesting and inspiring. The whole focus is on continued success and greater prosperity. I'm authentic, funny and completely with you on this journey.

I’m not a “woo-woo” person at all. Should I still join and will I get similar results?

Yes, the body doesn't know the difference between woo and non-woo. Kundalini Yoga is a science of the body, directed to increase your awareness and health. This is a physical activity. Results are based on the body showing up to this practice and life, not any belief system.



Sat Nam, Gods and Goddesses,

As a healer, Shauna's approach is one of heart-centered undivided attention. She listens deeply and can intuit my situation quickly.  I am always amazed at her ability to recall/see my patterns and bring them to my attention.

One of the energy's she taps into is that of our teacher, Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga and is deft at poking, provoking, confronting and elevating.  In this light she can guide and inspire you, leaving you with new insights for your continued growth.

You must do the work to be able to fully appreciate what Shauna's guidance is providing for you and this guidance is given with an open, and fun loving heart.

Blessings, Sat Guru Kaur

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You might still doubt if this is the right path for you. I truly get it.

I remember thinking, "Kundalini Yoga. That sounds weird!" and having that thought kept me from reaping the benefits this yoga has to offer for ten years. I wish I had not been so judgmental and followed through right away, to have this experience.

20 years later, 10 of it teaching this yoga, I’m here to help you every step of the way.

I know that it takes work and commitment to love yourself enough to get what you want. If you’re willing to make an effort and if you long to be part of a global tribe that makes their dreams come alive, I’ll show you how to get there. It’s up to you. I believe in you.

I have created this course, to make it as accessible as possible, without having to leave the comfort of your own home and still receive the benefits, too of my energy as a teacher of this yoga. 

The sooner you start, the sooner your life will change, and you will have a daily practice that will change your life.