Kundalini Yoga's

Subagh Kriya

Manifest Money, Increase Prosperity + Intuition, Align with Grace

Begins Valentines Day 2018

It’s like watching the gold roll in!!!

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Benefits from practicing the Subagh Kriya with Shauna

  • Better opportunities being drawn to you for your prosperity and creativity

  • Higher level of Intuition, guiding you throughout your day

  • Super charged accountability making room for imperfection

  • Deep breaths and less stress,  for more serenity in your every day

  • A greater connection and commitment to your soul's purpose

  • Feels like you are in a Kundalini Yoga class in your own home

  • Reiki energy infused classes, so Divine Love is always present

  • Being with a team that makes the dream come alive


When you sign up you will receive

Access to me through out the 40 days through email and comments on this platform; where we can chart our progress and count the income of riches and miracles.

Videos and Tools explaining what will happen, instructions on how to do the kriya, before we start and accountability full instructions along with downloadable music for kriya, to prepare yourself before you begin.


Access to each day's live precorded video class, here on this website in a private page.

Each day, you can follow along in a private blog page and watch the video in your own time and you will feel like you are with me and the rest of the people in the course or not watch the video at all and do it on your own

The PDF of instructions to the kriya; Subagh kriya

MP4 of the music for the kriya

Learn tips and tricks to meditating when you don't feel like meditating

Accountability; being with a team that makes the dream come alive. We are all in this together.

What if......

  • I can't do all 40 days

  • I quit all together

  • I can't watch the video everyday

  • Nothing happens....(ie: I don't get what the results I want)


Trust me, I have been there and already had these thoughts and experiences. It can be hard to show up for just one's self all the time, perfectly and your fears are the number one cause of you not full filling your destiny.

Once you sign up, in my book, you are with me until the course is over. For the entire 40 days YOU are with me and know matter what you do or don't do; you will see results, as long as you look for them. The more you show up, the clearer the results will be.

Together we commit to creating our dreams and clearing our paths. 

Once you start, you are in this 40 day container with me, right along side; doing this Kriya and Meditation without you having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Kind words and experiences with the 40 Day Subagh Kriya

Samantha Hardingham, Edmunds St. Bury, England

Love Natural Eating

Fitness Instructor/Online Body Coach

Jesse and Diane, Los Angeles, CA

Actor/Floral Designer

Thank you so so much Shauna for you guidance, wisdom and love.
This meditation has been such a gift to me.
I feel stronger, clearer and more focused every time I practice with you. Sat Nam!!
Peter Masterson, New York, NY

Shauna Angel Blue

  • 5th Level Reiki Master Teacher 24+ years
  • Psychic, Medium, 30+ years; Creator of Shauna of the Star
  • Artist (Forever)
  • Kundalini Yoga Instrutor 10+ years 

Sat Nam, Gods and Goddesses,

As a healer, Shauna's approach is one of heart centered undivided attention. She listens deeply and is able to intuit my situation quickly.  I am always amazed at her ability to recall/see my patterns and bring them to my attention. One of the energy's she taps into is that of our teacher, Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga and is deft at poking, provoking, confronting and elevating.  In this light she is able to guide and inspire you, leaving you with new insights for your continued growth. Make no mistake, you must do the work to be able to fully appreciate what Shauna's guidance is providing for you and this guidance is given with an open and fun loving heart.

Blessings, Sat Guru Kaur